Intelligent Big Data

We have you covered in the 3 crucial areas of Big Data


Our Aggregators are the gateway to the Platform. They enable fast and accurate Indexing of your data regardless of where it is. This means that you can get analytics across the breadth of your business without gaps or delay.


Our integrators are not only fast, but add crucial areas to your analytics previously ignored. This unstructured data includes:

Vendor Neutral Archives. Email Systems. Desktops. Web Bots. Call Center Transcripts.

Cloud Stores. Google Workspace. Microsoft 365.

Having complete data coverage greatly increases the speed of your analytics as there's no need to manually add the missing data or try and fill the gaps in your analytics in other ways.



By giving you complete data coverage, OmniIndex can instantly increase your data security. 

Our powerful alerting API can be set to email or SMS a recipient whenever an alerting event occurs from any area of your business. For example:

A potential PII Breach in your emails or texts.

A notification about a potentially problematic customer interaction.

Or even a notification about the utilization of privileged equipment. 

Because OmniIndex has complete and full data visibility, there are no more blind spots in your security. 



Ask Omni is a powerful API that utilizes Natural Language Processing as well as in-built data analysis to give you quick and precise answers to those one liners that do not need to be visualized.


Questions Like:

'Hey Omni, when was the last MRI Scan carried out?'

'How many scans has Professor N done in the past week?'

Or: 'Can you tell me how much space we are using in the VNA?​'

These are questions that you need answers to directly and clearly. 

Ask Omni is the first dedicated Analytics helper BOT.