OmniIndex for Health


By utilizing natural Language Understanding that has a Lexicon, Thesaurus and Dictionary our AI engine is able to determine what the content is about, the sentiment of the item, whether it contains any PII or other specified data. It is also able to ascertain information about the data. Information that enables full Analysis on data that up until now has been hidden from site.


Data such as:

Costs Analysis. Usage Statistics.

Regulatory Compliance Analytics.

CSAT Scoring.


And it can access this data not just from emails, or documents, but also from items within your VNA. Your:

MRI Scans. X-Rays. CT Scans


Enabling a complete picture about utilization of equipment.


 Unique Insights in Data Analytics

A healthcare provider needed to access data held within the DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) images so they could view the utilization of the MRI, CT, and X-Ray imaging devices. They had previously attempted to do this by modifying an existing piece of software, but this proved unsuccessful.


By working with OmniIndex, they were able to not just access the specific metrics of device utilization, but were also able to view and use the other data held by the DICOM images. Unlocking this data enabled them to add it to their current analytics platforms and gain additional insights including cost savings, patient billing and maintenance schedules.