OmniIndex launches Google BigQuery APIs

LOS GATOS, Calif., March 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- OmniIndex , the leading file
analysis provider bringing analytics to unstructured data, has launched a
number of new APIs designed specifically to enable simple data visualizations
via Google BigQuery and Google Data Studio. The new APIs enable a simple call
to export the OmniIndex DataSets into Google BigQuery where it can then be
used by Data Studio to create powerful visualizations of the OmniIndex

BigQuery is an enterprise data warehouse that solves the problem for many
businesses looking to store and query massive datasets by enabling super-fast
SQL queries using the processing power of Google's infrastructure.

OmniIndex itself is a new simple-to-implement private SaaS solution and is the
first that addresses all areas of unstructured data analytics: AI Contextual
Awareness, AI Sentiment Analysis, Automatic Content Analysis and PII Alerting.

The APIs – GoLang and NodeJS (Alpha) - provide connections into Google
BigQuery, speeding up the standard querying of OmniIndex data and its export
into Google BigQuery itself.

Simon Bain, CEO, OmniIndex, stated: "When we launched OmniIndex our goal was
to bring to life the value of unstructured data and not just the 20% that sits
inside a database. For agile organizations this means access to valuable data
previously unavailable. For many businesses, being able to export this data
into Google BigQuery and have visualizations within Google Data Studio is an
important integration to help them deliver analytics that will in turn provide
insights to decision-makers on how an enterprise is performing.

"Storing and querying massive datasets can be time consuming and expensive
without the right hardware and infrastructure. Many users are therefore
looking to migrate their data into BigQuery and let Google handle the hard
work. As a result, we have launched these new APIs to enable our customers to
gain competitive advantage by launching new applications faster, reducing
deployment times, and eliminating time spent on complicated integration

OmniIndex is available as a private Software-as-a-Service via two of the
biggest global marketplaces: Google Cloud, Oracle Cloud Marketplace, as well
as being a Google Cloud Build Partner and an Oracle and Google Startup

The OmniIndex go-to-market strategy has been specifically chosen for its
simplicity and convenience with pricing following the model of the Cloud
Marketplaces based on per minute billing based on CPU usage.

"Technology partner integrations with the OnmiIndex SaaS platform will result
in simplified application network connectivity and will eliminate silos of
data within both small and large organizations. Given our focus on
unstructured data, these new APIs will deliver unrivalled visibility for
organizations making use of Google BigQuery to store and interrogate huge
datasets," concluded Bain.

About OmniIndex OmniIndex houses over 18 years of experience in software engineering and has 13 US and international patents with a further five pending. OmniIndex is a leading file analysis provider bringing analytics to unstructured data, not just the 20% held in the database. The company is located in both the USA and UK and sells its patented cloud-based solution globally via Cloud Partner Marketplaces such as Google and Oracle. Contact: For further information: Adam Hartley/Christian Stevens, Spreckley PR, T: +44 (0) 207 388 9988, E:

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