OmniIndex – The AI File Analysis Solution for Unstructured Data – Launched

A new simple-to-implement SaaS solution that enables access to unstructured data has been launched. OmniIndex is the first that addresses all areas of unstructured data analytics: AI Contextual Awareness, AI Sentiment Analysis, Automatic Content Analysis and PII Alerting. It is a simple to implement SaaS solution with a powerful AI engine.

Simon Bain, CEO, OmniIndex, stated: “This powerful new solution will bring to life the value of unstructured data and not just the 20% that sits inside a database. As a result, the enterprise can view detailed analytics on the hidden data that sprawls across applications and siloes that invariably houses the day-to-day momentum of that business. That means addressing the ‘Other 80%’ of data hidden and inaccessible.

“For agile organizations this means access to valuable data previously unavailable. For example, data on customer sentiment that enables organizations to spot issues and trends, increase customer retention, and innovate faster.”

OmniIndex is already available as a Software-as-a-Service via three of the biggest global marketplaces: Google Cloud, Oracle Cloud and the Azure Marketplace, as well as being a Google Cloud Startup member.

OmniIndex is the ideal solution for call centers looking to gain vital insight into Net Promoter Scores, and marketing departments looking to gain an understanding of customer sentiment in email communications.

The OmniIndex is also the ideal data compliance tool as it can identify any data breach committed by an organization across any unstructured or structured data source.

Bain continued: “The file analysis market has to date centered on established incumbents with a particular strength. For example, indexing or classifying or even content analysis. The OmniIndex solution is the only one to address all areas of unstructured data analytics.”

The OmniIndex go-to-market strategy has been specifically chosen for its simplicity and convenience with pricing following the model of the Cloud Marketplaces based on per minute billing based on CPU usage.

Bain concluded: “OmniIndex will close the gap between unstructured and structured data delivering analytics that will in turn provide insights to decision-makers on how an enterprise is performing.

“Structured data – with its adherence to pre-defined data sources – cannot on its own deliver the insight the modern enterprise needs. Email, social media and voice all fall outside of the structured environment and they are critical silos. OmniIndex bridges that gap delivering a truly holistic picture based on its ability to access unstructured data.”

NOTES TO EDITORS About OmniIndex OmniIndex is a leading file analysis provider that enables organisations to digitally transform, delivering effective business analytics based on insight into unstructured data, not just the 20% held in the database. The company is located in both the USA and UK and sells its patented cloud-based solution globally via Cloud Partner Marketplaces such as Google and Oracle.

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