Intelligent Big Data



The OmniIndex API enables both front-end web developers and back-end application developers to connect the platform to a range of systems and tools.

Versatility in Application


OmniIndex is integrated in to the tools that are widely used by business.

Data Science Acceleration


Our Aggregators are the gateway to the Platform. Enabling fast accurate Indexing of your Unstructured Data.

Ask Omni ©


A  powerful API that utilizes Natural Language Processing as well as in-built data analysis. Ask Omni© can get you all of those one liners that do not need to be visualized.

'Hey Omni When was the last MRI Scan carried out?'

'How many scans has Professor N done in the past week?'

Or: 'Can you tell me how much space we are using in the VNA?​'

Questions that you need answers to now!

With a easy to use question/answer Web Hooks Omni is able to get the information required directly to where you are. It is able to do mat equations so that as it calls data it can ascertain numbers and also is able to understand date ranges so you can get data from last week, or last month.

It has simple web page integration using JavaScript and our JavaScript Database Connection Library, that works in exactly the same way that a standard JDBC call does. It utilizes the HTML 5 Speech-to-Text and Text-to-Speech API meaning that it is compatible with all modern browsers, including:

Opera. Safari. Edge. Chrome


Ask Omni is the first dedicated Analytics helper BOT.