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OmniIndex makes all data an asset and never a ransomware liability

No Third-Party Access

With OmniIndex there is no third-party access. The data owner has complete control over their data including access and sharing.

Ransomware Protection

OmniIndex's combination of Web3, AI, and patented homomorphic encryption eliminates the threat of ransomware and other attacks.

Encrypted Analytics

OmniIndex’s unique patented fully homomorphic encryption (FHE) enables users to perform computations on their encrypted data.

Highest Grade Encryption

OmniIndex’s FHE is based on Synchronous AES 256 using the CryptoPP libraries which are deemed uncrackable through brute-force attacks.

Dedicated AI Engine

OmniIndex's SLM and AI Chatbot gives users specialist insights on their encrypted data in real-time without risk of exposure.

Fully Connected Workflow

OmniIndex has PostgreSQL built into the blockchain for seamless migration and to enable users to simply connect to the leading tools.

What Makes Us Unique

Constant Encryption: Constant Security

OmniIndex provides the world’s only commercial solution enabling analytics and data visualizations to be performed on fully encrypted data.

This is because only OmniIndex’s patented fully homomorphic encryption technology ensures data can be encrypted at rest, in transit, and in use

Encrypted data is stored in your own blockchain and can be used in all leading productivity and analytics tools to gain real-time insights, including Google Workspace and Looker. 

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OmniIndex: The Web3 Data Platform

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