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Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE) is a form of encryption that permits users to perform computations on their encrypted data without first decrypting it. The data remains secure and private, but OmniIndex’s patented technology enables it to be fully searchable and used by analytics. Crucially, the output is identical to what could be produced had the operations been performed on the unencrypted data without ever breaking the original encryption.

Gain access to sensitive and confidential patient data while maintaining privacy and security allowing for secure monetization of data.
Financial & Insurance
Fully encrypt client’s data and records, while enabling staff to run reports and access client specific queries, without risk of the entire dataset being exposed.
Supply Chain
Manage and integrate supply chain orders, receipts, parts tracking, contract details and payment confirmations with divulging critical data.
about us

A Leader in Homomorphic Encrypted Datasets

OmniIndex was established in 2020 with the sole purpose of building a suite of software tools to commercialize the application of fully searchable homomorphic encrypted datasets across a broad range of industries like health care, finance and insurance, and supply chain management.

Our patented process defines data objects while encrypting the data and enabling the information to be manipulated or analysed in its encrypted state. In its encrypted state the data is fully searchable and ready to be subjected to your favourite analytics tools.

The OmniIndex FHE incorporates a user-friendly dashboard and analytics platform to enable encrypted data to be both analysed and distributed securely and quickly.

the benefits of

Homomorphic Encryption

Complete Data Monetization

OmniIndex’s patented technology enables all of a customer’s data to be made available for data monetization - regardless of what it is. This means that confidential encrypted and unstructured data can be subjected to the same distribution and analytics as plaintext structured data to produce insights and facilitate data-based optimization.

Secure Use of Cloud

While there have been great strides made in the use of cloud for the simple distribution of data, there are still problems with sharing confidential information in a secure and fast application. This is because several industries, including healthcare, finance and insurance, and supply chain have data that requires the highest levels of privacy and security. OmniIndex’s patented FHE enables the seemingly impossible: Encrypted and secure distributed data in the cloud.

Enhanced Data Privacy

OmniIndex enables users to perform computations on their encrypted data without first decrypting it. This means users can select which information they wish to ensure is encrypted before distributing the data - both internally and externally of the company - to ensure that private data remains confidential while still being a part of the workflow and data monetization.

Secure Data Aggregation

OmniIndex enables confidential and private data to be included in distributions and analytics so customers can aggregate all their data while protecting it fully. This is because customers can run statistical analysis on the data they could not expose previously without actually exposing that private data. Insurers can now run statistical analysis on data they could not expose previously and manufacturers can share supply chain secrets of their production line and process without sharing their confidential intellectual property.

Access to the Highest Grade Encryption

OmniIndex’s FHE is data security without compromise. While other options for sharing private data rely on masking or reduced levels of encryption, OmniIndex’s patented technology enables us to use the highest grade of encryption while still enabling users with permissions to perform computations on it without first decrypting it.

Insights and Answers in Real-Time

The speed of OmniIndex’s data processing enables users to gain insights and answers from all their data without delays – regardless of whether you are gaining insights from encrypted or plain-text data. Our patented process enables customers to distribute their data securely and quickly to those that need it. The data is encrypted, fully searchable and ready to be subjected to your favourite analytics tool.


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Unlock The Power of Your Private
and Confidential Data

One of the primary problems facing the Health Care (diagnostic) industry is access to private and confidential information, or data. For many leaders in the health care industry the information they need, to make sound business decisions, is not accessible due to privacy issues. With OmniIndex FHE, health care leaders can safely access, encrypt and analyze that data without ever revealing confidential and private patient data.

Learn more about our beta testing/pilot program and unlock the power of your private and confidential information.