LoggerBC is an OmniIndex product utilizing the OmniIndex PostgresBC data platform. 

OmniIndex Inc and its associated companies along with their partners do not store any data that comes through LoggerBC or PostgresBC. This data resides only in memory during the processing of an item of content and at no time does it pass out of the control of the customer. 

No personally identifiable information (PII) is stored by OmniIndex. 

Neither LoggerBC nor the PostgresBC data platform has any mechanism to view, manipulate or harvest data that is stored within itself. 

Information We Collect 

OmniIndex does not store data that OmniIndex or any third-party is able to access. 

Information You Give Us

LoggerBC may require users to sign in with a Google account. When users do this, some of this information is stored on an encrypted blockchain. For example the user’s email address. This data is encrypted and cannot be accessed by OmniIndex with us unable to view, manipulate, or harvest stored data. 

Device Information 

We do not collect or store any specific device information.

Third Party Authorizations

LoggerBC may sometimes ask that you grant permission to access private areas of your external accounts. For example your Google account. This enables the application to integrate with other tools so your fully private and fully encrypted data can be used in external services like Google Looker.

Neither LoggerBC, OmniIndex, nor its employees, contractors or partners can access any of this information and it is used solely to provide a service to the user.

Data retention and deletion policy

OmniIndex does not store data that OmniIndex or any third-party is able to access. As such, we do not retain any user data. 

Users are able to delete their LoggerBC accounts. Once deleted, it is impossible for a user to access their previously stored data. It is also impossible for OmniIndex, or anyone else, to ever access a deleted account’s data.

Account deletion cannot be undone.