OmniIndex is regularly mentioned in the press. This could be an exciting announcement, an insight into one of our customer stories, or an interview with one of the team when we’ve been approached to offer an expert voice. Here you can find links to some of our recent pieces. 

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How AI will change the world by 2030, according to eight experts: Tech could solve the energy crisis, add trillions to the global economy… or wipe out the human race

In healthcare, AI could predict problems before they happen by 2030, says AI expert Simon Bain, founder and CEO of software company OmniIndex, based in San Jose, California.

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Educational Institutions are Top of Hackers Lists
Startups Magazine

Amid rising attacks on schools and universities, the biggest challenge in education today is data misuse, says OmniIndex CEO, urging leaders to take every step to secure their sensitive data.

OmniIndex & Future-X Education Revolutionize Educational Data Management
Yahoo! Finance

OmniIndex has won a major contract to improve the educational outcomes of thousands of students across Africa from Future-X Education.

With over 1,500 public schools, 138,000 students and 12,000 teachers using its Education Management Information System (EMIS) Future-X Education is targeting huge growth in 2023. Its mission is to digitize the educational system in Africa to bring transparency and authenticity to student records that can be referenced with ease at any point in time.

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