Boudica AI

The AI Warrior Queen of Encrypted Analytics

Boudica is OmniIndex’s own dedicated Small Language Model (SLM) AI engine. It is native to all OmniIndex products and services and is uniquely able to perform computations and answer queries on fully encrypted data. 

While Boudica is optimized using Google Vertex as part of its training to keep all information current, it is a private AI model. This means that no customer data is shared externally when they are using it and that no customer data is collected for any purpose.

Indeed, no customer data needs to ever be exposed when using Boudica as it can remain encrypted throughout. 

AI White Paper
Efficient & Optimized:

Boudica does not require extensive training on huge pools of data in order to be used and can be adapted to offer specialist services in different languages and areas simply by changing its ontologies.

It also requires less powerful hardware because it uses less energy and is therefore cheaper and greener to run.

Accurate & Unbiased:

Boudica works on a small pool of controlled data that it is supplied with and is therefore far less likely to contain biases and inaccuracies than LLMs which learn from huge pools of varied data.

Boudica’s use of multiple separate thesaurus models and its probability matrices also ensure that only the optimum response is given to a user.

Secure & Private:

Due to the Web3 data storage and fully homomorphic encryption that all OmniIndex services use, Boudica is able to provide users insights on their fully encrypted data. This means at no stage is a user’s private data at risk of exposure.

This is unique to OmniIndex and Boudica thanks to our patented technology.