Doug is a highly experienced and acclaimed figure in tech with roles including within operations and finance, marketing, and education. This includes being ranked in the top 10% of teachers in the USA based upon student ratings, and being the Director of Semiconductor Research for VLSI Research Inc. 

Doug’s previous role before joining OmniIndex was as Senior Operations Manager at OrthoFX. While there, he led collaboration with 3rd party suppliers and served as the first point of contact for supply issues and achieved 100% performance to Service Level Agreements. Doug also conceived and built the dental industry’s first insurance support center that supported both patients and dental offices. This included getting approvals from insurance companies for patient aligner treatments and appealing negative decisions for patients, submitting insurance claims for dental offices for OrthoFX treatments, and following up when necessary to ensure payment and project success.

With a continual focus on solutions as opposed to problems, Doug is skilled at constructing the required analytics framework for strategic action plans as well as trend analysis. His can-do attitude and varied experience is a real asset to OmniIndex with him continually willing to participate in all levels of a project to ensure everything operates smoothly.

Doug Andrey