James is an accomplished and growth-focussed leader with extensive experience of guiding the development and execution of high-impact product initiatives. He has held a number of high-profile positions at global corporations, charities and startups. 

For example, as General Manager at Microsoft James was entrusted to lead a team of over 400 across 18+ Asian countries as part of the $280M Premier Field Engineering program (PFE) ensuring alignment of performance with organizational objectives. He managed the execution of service delivery, operations, customer interaction, and the cultivation of relationships focussed on development of IP solutions. 

Meanwhile, as Vice President at Oracle he grew the Oracle cloud infrastructure business to a $MM run rate from ground zero over two years and effectively executed a major client cloud migration generating $1M+ in savings.

James’ experience is invaluable to OmniIndex as he is leading our Product team at a period when those with an interest in enhanced data security and privacy are now looking to migrate to web3 solutions like the OmniIndex Platform. For example, he is working closely with our customer Future-X to revolutionize Nigeria’s educational data management with all the educational data in Cross River State being stored on our Platform.

James Stanbridge