Matt is an experienced content producer and manager who has overseen a diverse portfolio of work. This includes from his time as an academic researcher and university lecturer, and working with startups to help cement their brands from conception through to launch. 

His main focus at OmniIndex is to communicate the complexities of our innovative technology to customers in a way that can be understood by both CTOs, and those without a technical background. This means overseeing the development of technical documentation, as well as managing the company’s press outreach. 

Recent publications include a series of interviews with OmniIndex CEO Simon Bain and one of our customers MKAI for TechHQ focussed on ethical AI and the need for data security, and a piece in Silicon Republic on the benefits of Web3 data storage

To learn more about the PR work being done by Matt and the OmniIndex team, check out our In The Press page.

Matthew Bain