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MoU with Cross River State, Nigeria, Sees 500,000 Users Added to The OmniIndex Web3 Platform

Future-X Education and OmniIndex have won their first major agreement in Nigeria to manage the data of over 500,000 students and teachers. The MoU signed in Cross River State means that data from all educational institutions (from primary through to training schools) will be managed through Future-X’s EMIS tool and stored and analyzed in the OmniIndex Web3 Data Platform. 

The agreement between the companies and the educational sector of Cross River State has been signed after the need to improve data collection, processing, and analysis was identified in order to enhance policy formulation, decision making, and secure monitoring. The pre-existing partnership between Future-X Education and OmniIndex is perfectly placed to make these improvements due to their combined industry-leading EMIS tool, unique analytics of encrypted data, and secure blockchain storage. 

Such is the scale and ambition of the deal, that The Ministry will ensure that no Educational Institution will operate in the state without being registered on the new Platform with the deal ensuring complete data security and privacy through the use of blockchain technology, Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE), and AI technology.

What’s more, the deal will provide significant investment in the state. This includes the creation of over 300 new jobs, the free training of 1000 youths in IT in each of the 18 local governments through the creation of new innovation hubs in collaboration with the state government, and the creation of a new Data Warehouse.

OmniIndex CEO Simon Bain explains the importance of this wholesale approach, stating “we are working closely with Future-X and our partners in Cross River State to provide the sustainable and world-leading infrastructure needed to transform the educational ecosystem of the state. This includes extensive and ongoing training in using blockchain storage and encrypted analytics, the creation of jobs, and investment in infrastructure with local Data Warehouses.”

Meanwhile Future-X Education CEO Dr Patrick Adeneye is also understandably delighted, saying “we will now be able to expand to more schools and help even more teachers and students securely access the data they need without any risk of third-party access or exposure.” 

The official partnership between Future-X, OmniIndex and the Ministry of Education in Nigeria is the first of many such deals in development as part of Nigeria’s National Blockchain Policy and the move towards a more efficient, secure, and transparent digital landscape.