Simon is an established name in Web3 and data security. He has been a keynote speaker multiple times including at Oracle and SAP conferences, and has often provided expert commentary in leading publications including Technology Magazine, Raconteur, and The Next Web. 

Simon founded OmniIndex in 2020 with the goal of commercializing Web3 and fully homomorphic encryption. Since then he and OmniIndex have worked hard to ensure they bring to market a patented solution that works not just for those as embedded in big data as themselves, but one that can be used quickly and powerfully by data novices too.

As well as being OmniIndex CEO, a role he has held at a number of companies previously, he is the inventor of OmniIndex’s patented and industry leading encrypted analytics technology.

Simon Bain presenting in front of an audience

'As part of our quick fire questions series – or QFQs – we spoke to Simon Bain, CEO of OmniIndex about the need to change how we work with our data, working remotely and playing with timezones.'

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Simon has spoken on a number of themes for the OmniIndex website. Including AI, Blockchain, and Data Security. 

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