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Data Privacy and Searchability

OmniIndex was established in 2020 with the sole purpose of building a set of software tools to enable the commercial application of fully searchable homomorphic encryption datasets across a broad range of industries like, healthcare, finance and insurance, and supply chain management.

OmniIndex is always looking for industry leaders to demonstrate the ability to unlock the power of the most confidential data in a safe, open and secure environment.

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How We Partner
With You

The step-by-step onboarding journey
  1. Exploratory phone call to assess and identify your businesses needs
  2. Demo presentation showing what is possible using a real encrypted dataset
  3. Customized Proof of concept using your business’s real data
  4. Expert Customer Service; Data scientists are available to aid our valued clients to get the most out of the OmniIndex FHE and their data

Our Leadership Team

Simon Bain


Ken Hawkins

Technical Lead

James Stanbridge

Customer Experience

Mohsin Mehdi

Managing Director

Simon is an established name in big data having been a keynote speaker multiple times including at Oracle and SAP conferences. With a reputation as an innovator and problem solver, Simon founded OmniIndex in 2020 with the goal of commercializing fully homomorphic encryption. Since then he and OmniIndex have worked hard to ensure they bring to market a patented solution that works not just for those as embedded in big data as themselves, but a solution that can be used quickly and powerfully by data novices too. 

Fellow founder and technical lead Ken is an expert at taking innovative products from concept to launch. His experience includes both leading Amazon Marketplace development, and working with startups to ensure products are not just innovative, but ready for customers. This has included honing the setup stages so that OmniIndex’s powerful technology is ready out the box for customers without a steep learning curve, and working with our in-house data scientist to ensure users can get the most out of their encrypted and secure data. 

James is an accomplished and growth-focussed leader with extensive experience of guiding the development and execution of high-impact product initiatives. He has held a number of high-profile management positions including Vice President of Product Management & Infrastructure as a Service at Oracle, and General Manager at Microsoft. James’ experience is invaluable to OmniIndex as he brings a steadfast focus to every project to ensure the customer is always placed center stage.

Mohsin is a highly distinguished director. He knows what is required to maintain excellence across all areas of a business and brings a steady hand to proceedings. His experience includes being a Director at Forbes and CEO of My Community Bank. In addition to this crucial business expertise, Mohsin brings a great deal of insight to OmniIndex regarding the data needs of a number of industries. These include finance and healthcare with Mohsin spending time as a Director of Health Innovation Hub. 

Doug Andrey

Operations Lead

Matthew Bain

Writer / Marketing Specialist

Rafael Harbour

Data Scientist

Doug is a highly experienced manager and administrator with previous roles including within education, marketing and finance. With a continual focus on solutions as opposed to problems, Doug is skilled at constructing the required analytics framework for strategic action plans as well as trend analysis. His can-do attitude and varied experience is a real asset to OmniIndex with him continually willing to participate in all levels of a project to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Matt is a former university lecturer and researcher with a diverse array of freelance experience. Their main focus is to communicate the complexities of OmniIndex’s innovative technology to customers. This is essential because while OmniIndex’s technology is pushing new ground with its applications of fully homomorphic encryption and search, the platform is designed to make gaining insights from this secure encrypted data as quick and easy as possible. 

Rafa is a recent Master’s degree graduate with a passion for problem solving. He is working closely with a number of different OmniIndex departments to ensure the technology delivers for fellow data scientists. This includes both helping the development team, and bringing his expertise to the OmniIndex Help Library to ensure customers can get the most out of both the product, and their data.

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