Blockchain Data Storage.
Constant Encryption.
Private AI.

PostgresBC uses a unique blend of advanced cryptography, established security protocols, decentralized technology and private AI to ensure user’s data is both protected from ransomware attacks, and available to productivity and analytics tools while fully encrypted.

PostgresBC Flyer
  • PGBC has PostgreSQL built in. This means that you can easily migrate from your current database with PostgreSQL “the world’s most advanced open source relational database”.
  • Data is fully encrypted and stored in your own set of blockchains which are sandboxed, decentralized, and immutable. 
  • There is no third-party access with no back-doors into the system for OmniIndex nor any cloud-storage providers and the risk from ransomware attacks is eliminated.
  • PGBC utilizes OmniIndex’s patented Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE).
  • FHE enables full-text search and computations on encrypted data without decryption. This includes being able to use artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to analyze your data.  
  • OmniIndex FHE is based on Synchronous AES 256 using the CryptoPP libraries which are deemed uncrackable through brute-force attacks.
  • There is no need to export or run external AI models with real-time processing within the database using up to 4 distinct language models. 
  • The OmniIndex AI uses a probability scale of granularity to ensure you get only the answers you want with each data item being classified by each thesaurus with 2 classifications each.
  • The built-in AI Chatbot enables users with no database skills to ask search and analytics questions of their fully encrypted data and get real-time results without risk of exposure.
  • PGBC has PostgreSQL built into the blockchain for seamless migration and to ensure easy connections to the leading tools.
  • You can easily add plugins for the leading LLMs and Mls. Including Gemini and OpenAI.

  • OmniIndex's Dropblock apps can be connected to enable users to access their own encrypted blockchain storage, and to use their encrypted data in the Google Workspace.
  • You can add unlimited storage and users to PGBC with our add-on plans.
  • OmniIndex's SLM AI-engine and blockchain infrastructure has been proven to work quickly and efficiently at high volume. 

Data is uploaded to the API for processing and encryption. This is a secure and automated process with OmniIndex never having access to the user’s data nor the encryption key.


Data is reformatted into binary objects which are uploaded to the user’s own OmniIndex FHE Blockchain where they are stored as encrypted, sandboxed, and immutable Blocks in the Chain.


The customer’s data is now stored in their own Blockchain and their PGBC system. Data can be managed securely by the data owner/administrator via PGBC's CLI or other tools.


Owing to OmniIndex's patented FHE, users can now use their encrypted data in their favoured collaboration, productivity or analytics tools without decryption. This includes AI/ML.