The OmniIndex Data Solution

Built From the Ground Up with Blockchain and Encryption Technology

OmniIndex enables all data to be used in the cloud, regardless of how sensitive or complicated it is. This is because the patented and innovative OmniIndex technology uses a blended mix of advanced cryptography, established security protocols, and decentralized technology to ensure user’s data is both safely encrypted, and available to productivity and analytics tools. 

Crucially, OmniIndex and the applications never see your data as it is always anonymised and fully encrypted while search and computations are performed. 

  • Regardless of your data type, structured or unstructured, we can help you locate it and get it ready for use.

  • This data can never be accessed by OmniIndex with only you having the encryption key.

  • Data is stored in your own OmniIndex FHE Blockchain where it is sandboxed, decentralized, and immutable.

  • Ransomware attacks are nullified and there is no third-party access.
  • OmniIndex FHE is our own patented Fully Homomorphic Encryption algorithm.

  • FHE enables full-text search and computations on encrypted data without decryption.

  • It is based on Synchronous AES 256 using the CryptoPP libraries which are deemed uncrackable through brute-force attacks.

  • AES 256 is the standard for protecting classified information in government agencies.
  • The OmniIndex Web3 Cloud Connectors enable users to access their encrypted data in their favored productivity and analytics tools.

  • Users can perform full-text search and computations on that data without decryption.

  • You can also share files either fully encrypted, or with partial encrypted redaction.

  • Connectors include Google Workspace and BigQuery, Microsoft Power BI, and Oracle Analytics Cloud.
What data can OmniIndex handle?

OmniIndex works with all data types, regardless of how confidential, regulated, or complicated it is. 

Where is my data stored?

Data is stored in the customer's own FHE Blockchain. Depending on whether you have purchased the full platform or our Google Workspace App, you will have different levels of access to our API and storage solutions. 

Why is my data more secure and private?

Our blended mix of advanced cryptography, established security protocols, and decentralized technology means your data can be encrypted at all times. Both in storage, and while searched or analyzed.

Your Complete Data Solution

The OmniIndex Platform

This is our premium data platform offering with customers gaining full access to The OmniIndex API. This means our industry leading technology can be fully tailored to your needs with almost unlimited scope and potential. 


Data is uploaded to the API for processing and encryption. This is a secure and automated process with OmniIndex never having access to the user’s data nor the encryption key.


Data is reformatted into binary objects which are uploaded to the user’s own OmniIndex FHE Blockchain where they are stored as encrypted, sandboxed, and immutable Blocks in the Chain.


The customer’s data is now stored in their own Blockchain. Data is fully protected from ransomware and can be accessed and distributed quickly and securely by the data owner.


Using an OmniIndex Connector (for example OmniFS for Google Workspace and BigQuery), users can access and use their encrypted data in their favored collaboration or productivity tools.

Your Google Workspace Data Solution

Dropblock for Google Workspace and BigQuery

This is our fully integrated App for the Google Workspace and Google BigQuery. It enables Google Workspace users to add Web3 security and privacy along with our patented encrypted analytics and secure sharing solutions to Google’s industry leading suite of productivity and collaboration tools. 


Users need a Google Workspace account to use Dropblock for Google.

Dropblock is available on the Workspace Marketplace.


OmniIndex requires permissions to your Google Workspace Apps and credentials.

Neither OmmiIdex nor Google can decrypt your stored data.


Dropblock requires minimal set-up before it can be used. This includes selecting the API server and seed node, and selecting the Blockchain you wish to use as your data store.


Users can now use Dropblock. This includes secure redacted file sharing, performing analytics on encrypted data without decryption, and saving files to the Blockchain.

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Choosing a new Data Platform is a big decision. You need to make sure that you choose the right one to ensure you have access to the data you want when you need it, and that you always have the security and privacy you need.

OmniIndex are here to help. Book a discovery meeting to discuss your needs with one of our team. We love nothing more than discussing our innovative technology with interested parties to see how we can help.

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