Your Data, Secured

With traditional encryption methods, non FHE, a file is encrypted with a public key and then anyone with the corresponding private key can decrypt the data file and return it to its original format. If data inquiries, analysis or reports are required, then the entire database must first be decrypted using the private key, allowing your confidential data to be exposed.

OmniIndex uses the same concept of encryption, however, adds additional benefits through a patented process. This patented process defines data objects while encrypting the data enabling the information to be manipulated or analysed in its encrypted state, never having to decrypt the data. There is no risk for the confidential data to be exposed. And only users with the corresponding private key will have access to the data.

The OmniIndex Analytic Dashboard accesses the data through:

  • Templated reports
  • Custom reports and analysis tools
  • Enterprise Connector for full access to data objects
How OmniIndex Works

Data is encrypted with a public key and the OmniIndex Encryptor.


The OmniIndex homomorphic searchable dataset is stored in the cloud.


The OmniIndex Connector enables access to the encrypted dataset for analysis and to extract “results” through the private key.


The Analytic Dashboard is a user friendly interface to access customized reports, analysis and data objects for advanced data.

Your Secure & Private Data

Regardless of your data type, structured or unstructured, we can help you locate it and get it ready for use. This data can never be accessed by OmniIndex with only you having the encryption key. This means you can be sure it is completely secure with you always in control. For example we can help you distribute healthcare data including DICOM images by ensuring it is encrypted and ready for secure and controlled sharing and use.

OmniIndex Encryptor

Without you having to do anything, we take the needed information from your encrypted data and turn it into raw data objects that can then be used to create complex analytics and reports. For example, from those DICOM images OmniIndex can securely index data including patient administration information and device utilization. *Never decrypting your private data.

Data Connector & Analytics dashboard

Our technology securely connects your data to a variety of analytics tools, including Tableau and Data Studio, as well as the OmniIndex Analytics Dashboard. For example analytics of DICOM images can generate a data visualization showing what type of scans have been performed by which machines. This data can be used in real-time to ensure efficient management of these expensive pieces of equipment and thus rapid and efficient patient care. *Never decrypting your private data.

Unlock The Power of Your Private
and Confidential Data

One of the primary problems facing the Health Care (diagnostic) industry is access to private and confidential information, or data. For many leaders in the health care industry the information they need, to make sound business decisions, is not accessible due to privacy issues. With OmniIndex FHE, health care leaders can safely access, encrypt and analyze that data without ever revealing confidential and private patient data.

Learn more about our beta testing/pilot program and unlock the power of your private and confidential information.