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Healthcare & Life Science

PostgresBC enables the same analytics available on plaintext data to be performed on encrypted data. This means clinicians, doctors, and IT professionals can access the private and confidential data necessary to make critical decisions for patients without ever decrypting the sensitive information. This both maintains the integrity of confidential data, and ensures there is no delay in accessing the needed information. 

For example, analytics can be run across a broad encrypted dataset, from scanner utilization all the way through to client sentiment and patient outcomes, providing the ability to share this sensitive and lifesaving patient information securely. 

Data can also be securely and privately distributed with encrypted redaction, and there is complete protection from ransomware attacks. 

Financial Services

The Finance and Insurance industries have strict regulatory data compliance needs, as well as stringent security measures. These systems have meant that it is currently difficult to run queries and analytics on data because it is often compartmentalized and siloed. What’s more, secure and simple sharing between departments is not always possible, causing a reduction in both long-term data monetization and day to day efficiency.

OmniIndex eliminates these problems by enabling Finance and Insurance professionals to easily run analytics on previously siloed encrypted data, and securely share encrypted information across departments without fear of violating data privacy protocols. 

Potential applications include risk mitigation and regulatory compliance, fraud detection, real-time customer sentiment, quality control, and insight generation including for new product development. 

OmniIndex Finance Brochure
OmniIndex Supply Chain Brochure

Supply Chain

The Supply Chain Industry has a longstanding issue around the corporate governance of private data and IP security. Each network contains multiple entry points and systems that require both individual and collective data security, the capability for complex integrations, and an adherence to strict regulations. 

PostgresBC allows a single system to be used to manage the supply chain with orders, receipts, parts tracking, contract details and payment confirmations all integrated without ever divulging critical data to other users of the chain.

Users can choose which data is encrypted and which is in plain-text with the encrypted data achieving the same analytic results as the plain text data while maintaining its confidentiality. What’s more, the OmniIndex Connectors mean the encrypted analytics can be shown in multiple visualizations across different platforms including Tableau, Oracle Analytics Cloud, and Looker. 


One of the biggest challenges in educational data use today is preventing data misuse. While the use of data can help improve educational outcomes by enabling more personalized instruction and identifying areas where students and schools may need additional support and facilities, there are also huge risks and privacy concerns associated with collecting and storing this highly sensitive, confidential, and regulated information.

OmniIndex solves this problem by ensuring data is secure and private at all times. This is achieved through our patented encryption technology enabling data to be fully encrypted while stored, shared, and analyzed. 

What’s more, the blockchain data storage at the heart of PostgresBC enables a more transparent system for managing this data. This is because data is immutable with any changes always saved as a new block in the chain – for example edits to a document or spreadsheet would be saved as a new entry with the original version preserved. This enables users to see what changes have been made, by who, and when. 

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OmniIndex Legal Brochure

Law Firms and Legal Services

One of the biggest data challenges for law firms today is ensuring the security and privacy of their data while using it across the varied platforms and networks that are required on a daily basis. Law firms and legal services often deal with highly sensitive and confidential information, such as client legal matters, financial information, and personal data. This data needs to be protected from unauthorized access, theft, or misuse, as a data breach could lead to serious legal and reputational consequences.

OmniIndex solves this problem by ensuring data is secure and private at all times. This is achieved through our patented encryption technology enabling data to be fully encrypted while stored, shared, and analyzed. 

What’s more, OmniIndex adds industry-leading privacy and security features to existing tools to ensure maximum security without disrupting productivity. For example directly within Google Docs a user can use the OmniIndex add-on to securely redact private information before the document is shared.