Encryption is the process of systematically encoding a bit stream before transmission so that an unauthorized party cannot decipher it.


The problem with encrypted data is that you must decrypt it in order to work with it. By doing so, it’s vulnerable to the very things you were trying to protect it from by encrypting it. There is a powerful solution to this scenario: homomorphic encryption


With traditional encryption methods, a file is encrypted with an authorized key and then anyone with the corresponding key can decrypt the data file and return it to its original form. It is a widely available measure with a low-cost of implementation. And, because it is widely used, there are a number of reliable and secure key management systems in place to ensure key security.

OmniIndex uses the same concept of encryption, but adds additional benefits through a patented process. This process defines data objects while encrypting the data enabling computations to be performed on the data in its encrypted state.

For OmniIndex customers, this means being able to analyze encrypted data and gain the same results as if the data had been analyzed in a decrypted form. This is crucial because it means that at no stage of storage or transmission is there a risk of the data being exposed, or of violating regulations with the data always encrypted – both at rest and in transit.

Significantly, this encryption is not done by OmniIndex but privately by the organization with only them able to authorize and authenticate users. This means confidential data always remains secure with the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the data never compromised with regulatory compliance thus achieved.

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The data revolution is ongoing with new regulations being proposed, negotiated and introduced continually. However, at the heart of these regulations is a set of core principles focused on ensuring the decisions around how the data is used are lawful, and that the data is protected at all times to ensure its security, confidentiality and integrity is never compromised.

OmniIndex offers a solution for this with its use of an FHE blockchain ensuring data is encrypted to the highest possible level at all stages.”