Encrypted Log File Intelligence

The Only Solution Enabling Actionable Insights from Fully Encrypted Log Files

Unlike other log management and analysis tools, LoggerBC uniquely ensures log files are never left vulnerable to attack through decryption. This is because OmniIndex’s patented and powerful homomorphic encryption enables data to remain encrypted at rest, in transit, and in use. What’s more, log files are stored in your own secure blockchain to ensure protection from ransomware attacks and exposure. 

LoggerBC’s native and private AI, Boudica, then analyzes your encrypted log files to identify patterns, threats and vulnerabilities in your system. 

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Protect Your Logs from Attack

LoggerBC protects log files from attack and exposure by storing them in a fully encrypted immutable blockchain. Entries cannot be corrupted as they are immutable, and the transparent record of transactions means any fake entries can be identified and dealt with.

What’s more, PostgresBC is the only solution on the market enabling log files to remain fully encrypted at all times while being subjected to real-time AI analytics.

Ensure Regulatory Compliance

LoggerBC provides an immutable and transparent record of transactions to see who has accessed the logs and when. 

It also ensures all private and personally identifiable information is encrypted at all times to protect it from exposure to protect both you and your customers alike. 

Gain Actionable Threat Intelligence

LoggerBC’s native and private AI, Boudica, analyzes your encrypted log files to identify patterns, threats and vulnerabilities in your system and alert you to any potential threats. 

For example, analytics of the fully encrypted data could prevent a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack by analyzing traffic-logs in real-time to identify sudden spikes in incoming requests from multiple sources designed to overwhelm the system. This is because by detecting this threat in real-time, the system can react to stop the attack through traffic rerouting or rate limiting. 



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LoggerBC unlocks real-time actionable threat intelligence from fully encrypted logs with AI. So stop decrypting, and start protecting.
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