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OmniIndex AI Technology Q&A with CEO Simon Bain

OmniIndex’s AI engine is very specific in its tasks (Narrow). Its job is to determine what a user is requesting, then based on a range of dictionaries, lexicons and thesauruses (referred to as ‘ontologies’), work out an optimal response. These responses are then put through a separate probability matrix before being sent back to the user.

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Excited cloud productivity worker.

Add Your Most Sensitive & Confidential Data to Your Workflow with OmniIndex

The OmniIndex Connectors and Apps utilize our blended mix of advanced patented cryptography, established security protocols, and decentralized technology to upgrade your existing workflow.  This is because customers can securely access the encrypted data stored in their OmniIndex Blockchains within their favourite tools and perform analytics on that data without decrypting it. Our OmniIndex connectors […]

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OmniIndex: Your Tamper-Proof Decentralized and Encrypted Data Solution

OmniIndex’s Web3 Data Storage is provided by our Hybrid Blockchain. We chose this because of its security and privacy strengths, and our ability to fully integrate it into the leading productivity and collaboration tools.  Definitions: Web3 is a new stack of technologies for the development of decentralized web applications that enable users to control their […]

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Talking Data Security & Privacy with OmniIndex CEO Simon Bain

Q: Let’s start with a broad and fairly obvious question! What does data security and privacy mean to you? Security means my privacy. My data, my choice.  It also means responsibility, because any custodian of data has to ensure they keep the data in their care safe from anybody who should not have access to […]