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How Leading AR Specialists Edgeloop Use Dropblock for Secure Collaboration

Edgeloop are Augmented Reality specialists who have worked with some of the biggest brands in the world including Meta, Vogue, Coca-Cola and 20th Century Studios. This post looks at how OmniIndex’s Dropblock Web3 Storage App helps Edgeloop continually provide a quality and secure service to their clients. 

Context and Problem:

Edgeloop works with brands and creatives to bring their ideas to life. 

A key part of this process is the exchange of confidential material between the two (or often more) parties. The security and privacy of this content is crucial because it routinely contains sensitive and valuable information not yet publicly available. For example the content of a new film or game, or details of a company’s new product before it has been publicly announced. 

The challenge is that Edgeloop needs to be able to share this material with those who need it for creative collaboration while being 100% certain the data is fully secure and fully private at all times as any leaks could ruin the launch. 

The OmniIndex Solution: 

Thanks to Dropblock, I can guarantee the confidentiality and security of my client’s data.

Mo Mousavi, Edgeloop Founder. 

Dropblock is a fully secure content storage solution using Web3 technology. When content is added to the app, it is automatically encrypted with OmniIndex’s patented FHE. Once this has happened it is not just encrypted end-to-end, but 360° with the data owner able to share, search and analyze their encrypted content without decrypting it. This is a huge upgrade on existing encryption methods which contain gaps in the security as the data has to be decrypted for it to be searched and for other computations to take place. Put bluntly, whenever data is decrypted it is vulnerable to attack. 

The encrypted content is then stored in a decentralized Web3 network thanks to OmniIndex’s innovative Hybrid-Blockchain. The combination of FHE and Web3 means content is fully protected from Ransomware attacks and accidental leaks with all content made private with isolated sandboxing, encryption keys, and AI to ensure it is impossible for somebody other than the content owner and those they have shared the content with to view it. 

This means Edgeloop and their clients can guarantee that any information shared between them is 100% secure with no risk of exposure. Indeed, not even OmniIndex can view data stored in their Platform or Dropblock. 

As Dropblock for mobile is free with 5GB of storage, it is easy for Edgeloop’s clients to use as all they have to do is download the app.


Like nearly every company, Edgeloop has a need to both distribute and collaborate on sensitive and confidential content, and keep that same information completely secure and private. With Dropblock this is no longer a challenge. 

To learn more about OmniIndex’s solutions for sensitive and confidential data please visit our website: OmniIndex.io

To learn more about Edgeloop, please visit their website: Edgeloop.co.uk