‘In The Press’ Roundup

It has been an incredibly busy period for the OmniIndex press team full of customer announcements and expert insights. 

Things kicked off in April with the announcement of a major new customer in educational data: Future-X Education. This partnership is still early doors, but it looks set to grow at an enormous rate. So please be on the lookout for some exciting updates coming soon!

“With over 1,500 public schools, 138,000 students and 12,000 teachers using its Education Management Information System (EMIS) Future-X Education is targeting huge growth in 2023. Its mission is to digitize the educational system in Africa to bring transparency and authenticity to student records that can be referenced with ease at any point in time.”

We then followed this announcement up with a series of pieces looking at the importance of data security in education. For example in Startups Magazine OmniIndex CEO Simon Bain urged “leaders to take every step to secure their sensitive data.” 

We then shifted our focus to AI with our next exciting customer announcement: MKAI – one of the leaders in ethics in artificial intelligence with over 1,000 ethical stakeholders and a networking spanning over 100 countries. 

Richard Foster-Fletcher, Chair of stated: “Building an ethical, inclusive, and unbiased AI landscape is a complex journey, and MKAI is committed to leading the charge. Our alignment with OmniIndex is rooted in shared values – a deep respect for data privacy and a strong focus on innovation in Narrow AI. The power of Web3 and fully homomorphic encryption technologies offers an exciting pathway for securing our network and tackling AI biases. As we look ahead to the rest of 2023, it’s clear that this isn’t just about growth for us. It’s about catalysing transformative change in the AI industry to ensure fairness for all.”

OmniIndex’s expertise in AI runs deep with us leaders in using Narrow AI for data security and fully private encrypted analytics. As such, we found ourselves much sought after with commentary included in The Daily Mail, Raconteur, The Next Web, and IT Reseller among others.

This work establishing ourselves as experts and our alignment with MKAI produced a fantastic opportunity for a 3-part piece in TechHQ focussed on ethical AI and the need for data security.

And of course while all this was going on, OmniIndex also launched our free Web3 mobile storage app, Dropblock! Financial IT among others covered this launch, boasting of its benefits and giving links to the two app stores.

“Any data or files that you upload to your Dropblock app are fully secure and private at all times. This means that whatever you upload to your 5GB of free blockchain storage cannot be accessed by anybody else unless you choose to share it with them. Dropblock uses patented data encryption and artificial intelligence (AI) technology, developed by Web3 data storage specialists, OmniIndex.”

To really drill home the point, however, this was followed up by a fantastic piece by Simon in Silicon Republic focussed entirely on the benefits of Web3 Data Storage. 

“Bain claims that Web3 data storage is able to protect itself from attacks such as ransomware better than traditional forms of data storage, thanks to aspects like the blockchain and a lack of third-party access.”

“The enhanced security of Web3 storage is matched with genuine privacy for user data with Web3 data platforms unable to access the data they’re storing,” Bain said. “This prevents data storage providers being able to monetise their user’s data through actions such as targeted advertising.”

As we move into the latter stages of the summer, OmniIndex are looking to build on this coverage with a further customer announcement, a new expansion, and of course much more expert insights. So please stay tuned!

And in the meantime, check out our ‘In the Press’ page where we regularly add our latest publications.