Mohsin is a highly distinguished director who knows what is required to maintain excellence across all areas of a business. He has experience as Director, COO, and CEO. 

As well as being a Director at Forbes and CEO of Lake City Holdings Pvt Limited, Mohsin Mehdi was also CEO of My Community Bank. The bank has claims as the first national credit union and a genuine alternative to payday lenders and high street banks. In an interview with the Guardian at the time, Mohsin said “We don’t just want to offer people an alternative to the high street banks, and a great savings rate for anyone looking for decent returns; we also plan to take the fight to the payday lenders of the world.”

Mohsin also brings valuable insights to OmniIndex regarding the data needs and regulations of a number of other public and private industries. For example he is a Director at a Life Science company, and was previously a Trustee for The National Library of Scotland.