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Our patented technology has now been embedded into the Google Workspace as an accessible Add-on.

By adding our industry leading fully homomorphic encryption and blockchain technology to the Google Workspace, we have transformed it into a Web3 application for users via a simple Add-on. This means registered users can now have encrypted file management within Google Docs and the Google Workspace. 

In other words, complete security and total anonymity for all your files in transit and in storage. 

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The OmniFS Web 3 File Manager in Action


The Add-on works within the google workspace and is not a stand-alone product. To download the OmniFS, go to the Google Marketplace.  

Once downloaded, click the OmniIndex Add-on file icon in the side panel of the Google Workspace interface. This will load the OmniFS user interface and install the toolbar into the workspace ready for use. To then access the installed OmniIndex Add-on, use the ‘Add-ons’ menu in the toolbar. From the menu you are able to save your files to the secure blockchain, load you files from the blockchain, access your personal encryption key, and delete any temporary files produced. 

The following short video offers an OmniFS Web3 File Manager demonstration by OmniIndex CEO Simon Bain. This includes an overview of the application, and how to save a file to the blockchain. 

The OmniIndex Add-on works within the Google Workspace. As such, it requires access to a number of Google resources. OmniIndex are Google for Startups partners and our application is a trusted and safe add-on. 

To use the OmniFS Web 3 File Manager for Google Workspace, install it via your add-on manager and then click the OmniIndex icon on the right hand side. The first time you do this, it will ask you to verify that the app can access your:

Google Drive
Google Docs
Google Sheets
Google Forms
and your email address
It requires this access so that it can open, save, and work on the files that are contained within the applications. Your email address is used to authenticate users in order to give each user their unique encryption key. 



OmniIndex Inc and its associated companies along with their partners do not store any data that comes through The OmniIndex Platform. This data resides only in memory during the processing of an item of content and at no time does it pass out of the control of the customer. What’s more, there is no mechanism within any of the applications to get access outside of that network and to pass data outside of that network.