Benefits of The OmniIndex Platform

The Data You Want. The Security You Need.

No Third-Party Access

There is no third-party access, and the data owner has complete control over their data including access and decryption.

Secure Data Aggregation

Your most sensitive and confidential data can be securely added to distribution and analytics so customers can aggregate all data without risk of exposure.

Encrypted Analytics

OmniIndex’s unique patented encryption enables users to perform computations and full-text search on their encrypted data.

Highest Grade Encryption

OmniIndex’s FHE is based on Synchronous AES 256 using the CryptoPP libraries which are deemed uncrackable through brute-force attacks.

Connect to Existing Tools

Users can access their data directly within their favorite tools, bringing Web3 technology and encrypted data computations to Web2.

Ransomware Protection

OmniIndex’s combination of Web3 and patented encryption eliminates the threat of ransomware attacks.

about OmniIndex

Your Data Platform for Sensitive and Confidential Data

OmniIndex enables all data to be used in the cloud, regardless of how confidential, regulated, or complicated it is. 

This is because our Web3 encrypted data platform is powered by fourteen international patents including completely new ways of searching and performing computations on encrypted data.

Only with the complete protection from ransomware attacks and the encrypted analytics that OmniIndex offers can data owners feel safe adding their most sensitive and confidential data to cloud productivity and collaboration tools.


Our Partners Include

OmniIndex Secure Web3 Connectors

Upgrade Your Existing Workflow

OmniIndex is unique in being able to offer Blockchain data storage and Fully Homomorphic Encryption connectors from a Data Platform into collaboration and productivity tools to upgrade them to Web3. One example is OmniFS: Our Connector to Google Workspace and Google BigQuery.

The benefits of Google Workspace and OmniIndex.

Other OmniIndex Web3 Connectors include

OmniIndex: Experts in Big Data

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