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For your Unstructured Content

Our SaaS can be integrated directly into the tools that are commonly used to add your unstructured data into analytics. This includes unlocking access to DICOM images providing insights in cost savings, patient billing, and maintenance schedules.

Get started today and unlock true and complete data analytics with no expensive learning curve or hidden costs.

What We Do

Unstructured Data Analytics

Access 100% of your available data. Not just the current 20%.


This grants increased insights to help make more informed decisions.

Versatility in Application

OmniIndex has integrations for all of the major Analytic Visualization tools, as well as a comprehensive API.


This enables you to extend and explore in ways previously impossible.

Data Science Acceleration

By enabling analysis of DICOM Images, your data teams can open up a whole new area of analytics. Including:

Invoice & Billing Reconciliation

Maintenance Scheduling

Clinical Data Analysis

Full Customer Experience Service

We have Code Labs and Office Hours twice a week where you can ask questions of the team.


We also offer weekly Demos to help you get the most out of your OmniIndex Platform. 


 Unique Insights in Data Analytics

A healthcare provider needed to access data held within the DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) images so they could view the utilization of the MRI, CT, and X-Ray imaging devices. They had previously attempted to do this by modifying an existing piece of software, but this proved unsuccessful.


By working with OmniIndex, they were able to not just access the specific metrics of device utilization, but were also able to view and use the other data held by the DICOM images. Unlocking this data enabled them to add it to their current analytics platforms and gain additional insights including cost savings, patient billing and maintenance schedules.


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What Others Say

“OmniIndex, are on the leading-edge of innovation, and are adding incredible value to Oracle’s growing ecosystem for customers and partners around the globe.”

Jason Williamson. VP, Oracle for Startups


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