Encrypt It

How OmniIndex FHE Upgrades Both Your Data Security, and Your Productivity

Overview: OmniIndex FHE enables customers to search on and analyze encrypted data (without decrypting it)


Encryption is the process of systematically encoding a bit stream before transmission so that an unauthorized party cannot decipher it.


The problem with encrypted data is that you must decrypt it in order to work with it. By doing so, it’s vulnerable to the very things you were trying to protect it from by encrypting it. There is a powerful solution to this scenario: homomorphic encryption


OmniIndex’s Unique FHE

The OmniIndex FHE (Fully Homomorphic Encryption) is our own patented algorithm. It allows users to perform full-text search and computations on their encrypted data without decrypting it. It is based on Synchronous AES 256 using the CryptoPP libraries which are deemed uncrackable through brute-force attacks. 

AES 256 is the standard for protecting top-secret or classified information in government agencies as well as for keeping your private data safe in the cloud. 

What’s more, OmniIndex’s FHE technology is not static with us able to upgrade our encryption libraries to match the latest and best NIST certified encryption. This means that customers can be confident that OmniIndex is not just secure now, but will remain at the cutting edge with our FHE designed to evolve with future encryption advancements. 

The security benefit is that data never has to be decrypted.

The productivity benefit is that any data can be added to your productivity, collaboration, and analytics tools regardless of how sensitive or confidential it is. This means your regulated data (for example patient health information) and your business critical data (for example third-party supplier contracts and statistics) can now produce insights without risk of exposure for the first time.

If you are interested in using OmniIndex as a solution for your most confidential and sensitive data and want to learn more about our patented FHE, please contact us and we can arrange a call or send further material.

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