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Talking Data Security & Privacy with OmniIndex CEO Simon Bain

Q: Let’s start with a broad and fairly obvious question! What does data security and privacy mean to you? Security means my privacy. My data, my choice.  It also means responsibility, because any custodian of data has to ensure they keep the data in their care safe from anybody who should not have access to […]

Blockchain Data Security

The OmniIndex FHE Blockchain Solution for Regulated Data. White Paper Announcement!

Data is becoming both more important in modern business, and more regulated with it crucial that personal and private information is protected and remains confidential. While important, these regulations have made it increasingly difficult for companies to analyze and distribute this business critical data – from Personally Identifiable Information (PII) including protected health information (PHI), […]

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Proof-of-Work Vs Proof-of-Stake: 3 Reasons you Should Care

If you are not obsessively trawling crypto chatrooms like most people, the terms ‘Proof of Work’ and/or ‘Proof of stake’ probably mean little to you.

However, there are 3 crucial reasons you need to care which type of blockchain you are using, and why these terms really should matter to you.

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DICOM Images Are a Data Gold Mine

DICOM stands for Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine. It is an international standard related to the exchange, storage and communication of digital medical images and other related digital data. This post looks at how the data hidden in these images can be a valuable addition to analytics.

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