omniindex blockchain technology

Extract from our 2022 White Paper ‘The Three Truths of Data’.

Blockchains are sets of information that can be used to verify the details of a record. There is no single server that holds the blockchain with it instead stored peer-to-peer. This means that if you want to attack the data, there is no single point of focus. Better yet, even though it exists in multiple copies, the copies are always identical. This means they cannot be changed intentionally, or accidentally.

OmniIndex have added to these impressive characteristics the ability to search within, up, and down the chain of blocks. What’s more, while maintaining all the advantages of the blockchain, OmniIndex uniquely adds analytic data including content context and content sentiment. This information is a valuable addition to anyone holding the chain, along with organization’s private information and individual’s private information. These additions make multiple things possible with OmniIndex’s blockchain that are otherwise impossible.

More Data. More Insights. More Security.

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